Improve Yourself Improve Others


Improve One Improve All! Improve a 'Mother' Improve a Nation! Improve for Development




The goal of Improvement Book Ltd is to enhance the Public Health entity of every life style such as businesses(trading), administrations, leadership, family relationships, ‘socialising’, governance, charity work and lastly but not least *sponsorship. This enhancement is by interactive association through, and . Public Health the ‘hidden’ and underlying aspect of everyday life is the well-being of an individual and/or society; socially, financially, politically, spiritually and not necessarily or merely the absence of disease.

Improvement Book Ltd is the Trustee for social media websites:, and


  • A social media website for IMPROVEMENT BOOK LTD.
  • A platform for giving positive feedback between individuals, groups and institutions.
  • A platform designed to be accessed free of charge by members of the public who choose to join and benefit from the interactions.
  • An interactive platform for individuals, groups, families, clans, tribes, associations, government and non-government institutions with the sole aim of giving positive feedback only for purposes of improving each other.
  • Authentic and unbiased fast track platform for character referencing and job recommendations.
  • Advertises businesses.
  • Online shopping.
  • Reference point for academic institutions, jobs, businesses, charities, shops and sponsorship institutions.
  • Creating of family trees and/or finding family roots.
  • Talent and skills discovery and/or recommendations to potential hirers.
  • Link businesses to potential customers and vice versa.
  • Quick and guaranteed sourcing of holiday villas and apartments.
  • Purchase/Buying agency for UK products to Africa.

How do you access the services?

  • Request admin for registration of specific group, association, business, institution and political group which may charged.

Levels of membership

  • Individual.
  • Group (family, clan, association, ‘tribe’, political affiliation, work group).
  • Corporate (businesses, academic institutions, government and non-government institutions, religious institutions).


The overall benefit is to improve yourself and improve others. However, specifically:

    1. Receive and give positive feedback to individuals, groups and institutions including academic, government and non-government, businesses, cultural, religious and political.
    2. Interact with friends, family and colleagues.
    3. Create and/or look up family trees.
    4. Unbiased character and job referencing system. Good for employers who desire authentic employees.
    5. Online shopping and shipping.
    6. Talent and skills discovery/recommendations.
    7. Advertise your business.
    8. Hold e-meetings and e-conferences.
    9. Quick access to holiday apartments.
    10. Guaranteed purchases from Europe and America.